DSS Check In

iPad Setup Instructions

DSS In is designed to be easy and fast. Setup is just as easy with no technical experience needed.

Secure an iPad in a stand alone kiosk stand

Download the DSS Check In App to your iPad

Click this icon to download the DSS Check In app
From your iPad, Click this icon
Or try this method;
  • From the Apple iPad, Open the App Store
  • At the top look for the Search box and enter "DSS Check In"
  • Install the DSS Check In App from Check In systems
  • After it is installed, go to Settings > iTunes and sign out

Setup the App

  • On the iPad, Open the Settings App
  • Scroll down the left menu to DSS Check In
  • Insert your System ID and Password
You can ignore the rest of the fields in the iPad for now as they will be synchronized with the server later in these instructions.

Run the App

  • In Settings, Go to iTunes and make sure you are logged out
  • Double tap the home button and swipe all apps closed
  • Start the App

Setting Choice Buttons

The easiest way to set the choice buttons is from your online configuration.
Log in to the back end and go to Configuration. Set your choice buttons and Save.

After you have set your choice buttons in the server side, the iPad can download the configuration making it easy to sync with the server.

To sync with the Server
On the iPad, at the first screen, type UPDATE and touch Enter. Wait about 10 seconds. This will retrieve the configuration from the server. Try a test entry to confirm your choices are in effect.

Learn how to set up the DSS Check in app

Securing the iPad

Open the Settings App on the iPad and make these general settings changes.

  • Bluetooth -> Off
  • Screen Time->Turn Off Screen Time
  • Siri & Search->Listen for "Hey Siri"->Off
  • Siri & Search->Press Home for Siri->Off
  • General->Software Update->Automatic Updates->Download iPadOS Update->Off
  • General->Software Update->Automatic Updates->Security Responses & System Files->Off
  • Display & Brightness->Appearance->Light
  • Display & Brightness->Auto-Lock->Never
  • Apple ID->Sign Out

If your stand does not cover the home button, you may want to run Guided Access on the iPad to further secure the app. This will remove the swipe down abilities to open the notifications area and it will lock the home button to a passcode.

That's it! DSS Check In is so easy, you should be running in about 15-25 minutes. If you have any trouble, please call us and we are more than happy to help. Your subscription includes unlimited support.

Enable Guided Access

Guided Access allows you to secure the home button and restrict access to any other program including the notifications area.
  • Launch the Settings app on your iPad.
  • Tap on Accessibility.
  • Tap on Guided Access under the General section.
  • Toggle Guided Access On.
  • Tap on Display Auto-Lock and tap never
  • Tap on Passcode Settings and tap set guided access code (choose one you will remember)
  • Open the Medical Check In App
  • Triple Tap the Home Button
To get out at anytime, triple tap the home button and enter the passcode.
Be sure not to lose your passcode. Only Apple can recover this